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Artek Energy Pvt Ltd. specialized in the research and manufacture of Lithium-ion, Polymer batteries, LiFePO4 batteries, and primary lithium battery Packs with its own registered brand name “Li-Power” since 2004. The factory occupies more than 14000 square meters of floor space and employs more than 150 skillful workers in a production team with more than 40 experienced engineers and technicians and become one of the most innovative lithium battery manufacturers in the industry.

With 19 years of battery manufacturing experience, Artek Energy provides customers with effective and efficient battery solutions. Artek Energy has a proven reputation with a broad customer base for the supply of high-safety batteries, battery packs, and customized batteries. Our dedicated in-house team will design, build, and supply you with the most advanced range of batteries supported with the reassurance of first-class quality standards.

At Artek Energy, our fundamental service concept revolves around customer orientation. We strongly believe that ensuring customer success through the delivery of high-quality products and services is the most reliable path to establishing long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation. When you partner with Artek Energy, anticipate more than just dependable batteries!

Core Values – Simplicity, efficiency, continuous improvement, and personal fulfillment.

Purpose of Business – We aim to establish a renowned brand and robust marketing network utilizing cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. We are dedicated to achieving 100% customer satisfaction by proactively addressing current and potential needs through our array of lithium-ion, polymer battery, and LiFePo4 products.

Business Goals – We aim to lead the lithium battery industry by pioneering independent operations, committing to sustainable growth, and setting new standards.

Business Philosophy – Our core values center around building an outstanding reputation, improving delivery speed, and providing customers with the utmost service excellence.

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