Lithium-ion 11.1V 24Ah Battery For Solar Street Light

Lithium-ion Battery

artekenergy11.1V 24Ah


Model No: 11.1v 24Ah
Nominal Voltage: 11.1V
Nominal Capacity: 24Ah
Internal Impedance (CELL): ≤ 40±3mΩ
Discharge Cut-off Voltage: 9.0±0.4V
Max Charge Voltage: 12.6±0.05V
Standard Charge Current: 4.8A 0.2C
Standard Discharge Current: 4.8A 0.2C
Continue Charge Current: 6A
Continue Discharge Current: 6A
Max Pulse Discharge Current: 10A 2ms
Life Cycle: 300
Weight: 1.85±0.2kg
Max. Dimension: L-116mm W-112mm H-67mm
Operating Charge Temperature: 0 ~ 45℃
Operating Discharge Temperature: -20 ~ 60℃
Storage Temperature: During 1 month: -5 ~ 35℃ During 6 months: 0 ~ 35℃
Standard Charge: Constant Current and Constant Voltage (CC/CV), Current = 4.8A, Final charge voltage = 12.6V, Final charge Current = 0.4A
Standard Discharge: Constant Current (CC), Current = 4.8A, End Voltage = 9.0V
Over-charge Cut-off Voltage: 12.6v
Over-discharge Cut-off Voltage: 9v
Short Circuit Protection: yes

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11.1V 24Ah Lithium-ion Battery

Artek Energy 11.1V 24Ah Lithium-ion battery is a high-performance battery that is perfect for a wide range of applications. It is made with high-quality lithium-ion cells that provide long life and reliable performance. The battery is also equipped with a built-in battery management system (BMS) that protects the battery from over-charge, over-discharge, and short circuit.

The Artek Energy 11.1V 24Ah Lithium-ion battery is a great choice for anyone who is looking for a high-quality, reliable battery. It is perfect for use in energy storage, medical equipment, solar energy systems, solar streetlights, and more.

Here are some of the key features of the Artek Energy 11.1V 24Ah Lithium-ion battery:

  • High capacity: 24Ah
  • Nominal voltage: 11.1V
  • Long cycle life: up to 2000 cycles
  • Built-in BMS
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Maintenance-free

If you are looking for a high-performance lithium-ion battery, the Artek Energy 11.1V 24Ah battery is a great option.