Prismatic Lithium-ion Battery

Li-Power: Powering the Future with Prismatic Lithium-Ion Innovation


In the heart of India’s clean energy revolution, Artek Energy, Li-Power brand blazes a path with its state-of-the-art prismatic lithium-ion batteries. Founded in 2004, Li-Power is more than just a manufacturer; it’s a passionate team driven by the vision of a sustainable future.

Their signature prismatic batteries, known for their rectangular shape and superior performance, stand out from the crowd. Compared to cylindrical alternatives, Li-Power batteries offer exceptional energy density, packing more power into a compact design. This makes them ideal for space-constrained applications like IoT devices, drones, Power banks, and GPS.

Li-Power commitment to innovation shines through their relentless pursuit of cutting-edge technology. Their dedicated research and development team constantly pushes boundaries, ensuring their batteries remain at the forefront of performance and safety. They prioritize eco-friendly practices throughout the manufacturing process, minimizing their environmental footprint.

But Li-Power is more than just technology and innovation. They understand the unique needs of their customers. Whether it’s a customized battery pack for a high-performance EV or a reliable energy storage solution for a remote village, their team works closely with clients to create tailored solutions that exceed expectations.

With a growing reputation for excellence, Li-Power has established itself as a leading player in India’s lithium-ion battery landscape. Their unwavering dedication to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction has earned them the trust of businesses and individuals alike. As the world moves towards a cleaner, more efficient future, Li-Power is poised to remain at the forefront, powering the path with its innovative prismatic lithium-ion solutions.